Yancy Pernes

Nice to meet you!!!

 I am Yancy Pernes, the representative and trainer of Yancy English. 

Since I was young, I always love speaking English in front of other people or the public. This enthusiasm drove me to choose a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at a University. That process helped deepen my understanding of the target language, as an English teacher, I also want my students to feel what I feel towards this language and to have fun.

This language changes inevitably, so it may not be perfect for a lifetime. That is why I want to continue to focus on deepening my knowledge in English as an English professional. There is no greater joy than to convey the knowledge and skills that I have gained to my English learners.

English is the world’s common language that greatly expands the world. I sincerely hope that as many as possible, we will all see the world beyond. In the real world, there are a lot of demands for our ideas. Learning not just only the structure of the language and learning set of words but also the ability to disseminate our own opinions in such situations can help us overcome such an environment.

I always try my best to help you in our class by learning practical things that are very much useful in the real world. This means that we will deal more with how you speak using not only easy words but rather a higher-level vocabulary that will surely help you to express your hidden ideas more accurately. We might deal with issues you have never thought of before, so let us all be open-minded and hopefully share our insights. It may be difficult at first, but it will surely be for a future force. I am fully aware that learning a foreign language is challenging, but please do not hesitate to raise many questions and always be positive in improving your English skills.

Let us all explore English together, break the language barrier, and aim high for our future endeavors!




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